DIY Moisturizing Lotion Bars- doTERRA
Made with beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and essential oils, these natural moisturizing lotion bars will nourish and soothe dry skin. Massage the bar on your skin and let your body’s natural heat melt the lotion. After one use, you won’t know how you lived without it! Recipe and photo from the doTERRA Blog!
  • CourseNatural Solutions
Servings Prep Time
12Depends on size of mold 10Minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
10 Minutes 3Hours
Servings Prep Time
12Depends on size of mold 10Minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
10 Minutes 3Hours
  • 2/3Cup BeeswaxPellets or Bars
  • 1/2Cup Coconut oilOrganic unrefined is best!
  • 1/2Cup Cocoa butter
  • 1tsp Vitamin E oilOr you can poke a hole in a Vit E capsule!
  • 15drops doTERRA Essential oilPeppermint= Invigorating, Wild Orange= Uplifting, Balance= Grounding & Calming, Lavender= Relaxing! You get the picture…have fun with your favorite doTERRA oil!
  1. Measure all ingredients, except for essential oils, in a large glass jar
  2. Place jar in saucepan with one to one and a half inches of boiling water.
  3. Stir ingredients until combined.
  4. Once melted, remove from heat. Let rest three minutes.
  5. Add essential oils and stir.
  6. Pour mixture into silicone mold. Tip: For an exfoliating lotion bar, add oatmeal to the bottom of the mold.
  7. Let mixture harden two to three hours. Wrap in plastic wrap and store in container until ready to use.
  8. Massage lotion bar on skin for moisture.
Recipe Notes

Here are a few of my favorite brands of these ingredients… tried and true!

Beeswax: Try this one if you want pellets or this one if you want a bar!

Coconut Oil: Try this one or if you use a lot of coconut oil then I love the big jug at Costco (Kirkland brand)

Cocoa Butter: Try this one or this one!

Vitamin E: I like this one that also has some Jojoba oil in it!  If you already have Jojoba oil or Sweet Almond oil at home then I think you would be fine to substitute instead of buying something else!

Silicone molds:  If you want single use lotion bars I think these small simple ones will do the trick just fine.  If you want a varity of shapes or prefer a larger size there are so many on amazon to choose from such as these.  Just pay attention to the mold size so you know what type of yield you will get {i.e. you may need to double the recipe}.

If you haven’t yet tried doTERRA essential oils, please read about my essential oil journey here!

I’d love to see pictures of the ones you create!  Please email me!